The DigiTherm-VET:  a tablet thermal imaging System at a great value!

Powerful lightweight thermographic images right at your fingertips. Battery-powered and
wifi enabled, find out what your patients are hiding from you with the DigiTherm-VET thermal

  • 120° rotating camera for best imaging angle and optimized ergonomics​
  • Large 10” HD screen making instant analysis possible using the tablet​
  • Android-based tablet system

Offer thermal services and grow your practice

• Increase client confidence by showing them real-time thermal artifacts and improvements in musculoskeletal health over time.
• Quickly locate inflammation, pain or nerve root artifacts.
• Practice preventative care by identifying non-symptomatic indicators of lameness in the early stages.

Thermal Imaging is highly sensitive and can be an early indicator of subtle circulatory changes in soft tissue.

With a thermal imaging exam it is possible to reveal inflammatory reactions in joints and tendons from 2 – 6 weeks prior to the clinical appearance of lameness.

It can identify abnormalities when tissues are in a state of stress, rather than once there is anatomical disruption and injury.

The most common uses of thermal imaging in veterinary medicine are for detecting conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system, including Saddle Fit analysis, as well as neurological, dental, and infectious disease.


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