Enmind EN-V5 Veterinary Infusion Pump


The Enmind EN-V5 Veterinary Infusion Pump – Portable, Easy to Use, Precise & Safe

The Enmind Infusion Pump is very easy to operate.  The screen walks you through the procedure making it is easy to store and name regularly used settings.  The touchscreen is intuitive and as easy to use as a mobile phone.

• Parameter setting and editing directly on touch screen
• Using any standard IV sets and storing up to 200 editable brands
• Resetting rate, volume, air level, occlusion level without stopping infusion
• 5 infusion modes + Micro mode control
• Infusion rates range from 0.1 ml/h to 2000 ml/h
• Optional WIFI connection to central monitor
• Last therapy for rapid infusion start up
• 10 hours battery back-up
• IP44 waterproof -“splash proof” and protects from objects greater than 1 millimetre in size and water spray from any direction.

Includes 3-Year Warranty and Wifi