Tele-View 1.0 Meter Portable Endoscope


1.0 Meter Portable Endoscope – 8.7mm or 9.8 MM diameter

USB PC display version, Incl. software

The Tele-View USB Video Endoscope/Gastroscope is a high resolution, light weight endoscope

(2 lbs/1 kilo) that works with any Windows computer or tablet!* Just install the software on your computer and attach the USB connector to view the procedure on the computer screen! Easily record the procedure to the computer’s hard drive.

The USB Scope comes in three lengths and three diameters. The size depends on whether the scope will be used with small animal or equine patients.

The insertion tube includes LED lighting, a working channel, an irrigation channel to clean the lens and an air-water channel for lavage or insufflation. A portable rechargeable air-water pump is sold separately. Now you can take your Tele-View USB Endoscope anywhere and use with any Windows computer or tablet! It’s easy to transport so you can take from room to room or from client to client!

Each Tele-View USB Endoscope/Gastroscope has the following features:

  • High Resolution
  • Super Bright LED Illumination
  • Included Software
  • 4-Way Articulation
  • Three Channels
    • Irrigation Channel to Clean Camera Lens
    • Working Channel for Biopsy or Foreign Body Removal
    • Air-Water Channel for Lavage or Insufflation

Air and water can be administered manually via the luer-lock connectors or automatically with the purchase of the optional Tele-View Portable Air-Water Pump.