Ultra 12040HF Digital Portable X-ray Unit

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ULTRA 12040HF portable x-ray unit is the most powerful, 120kV ultralight, high frequency, compact sized portable, designed specifically for small and large animals in the field or the office.

It features 40-120kV, in 1kV increments and with its ripple-free HFG system, you can shoot up to 120kV/40mA with full logic control operation. It also provides high resolution imaging at lower dosages.

Ultra Lite: Only 29 lbs!
Ultra Fast: Routine radiographs in less than .05 seconds.
Ultra Powerful: 120kV/40mA
Ultra Detail: 1kV steps, 100mAs / 40-120kV
Ultra Accurate: Two stage dynamic, automatic line compensation.
Ultra High Frequency: 2 times the power as other 120 kVp units.
Ultra Programmable: Technique memory settings.
Ultra Easy: Soft Touch Controls with Digital displays
Ultra Collimator: Calibrated cassette size indicator dials.
Ultra Compact Size: 13”L x 9.5”W x 8”H.


  • Weight Class: Ultra Light Weight Weight in Pounds: 29 lbs
  • Cabinet Design: One Piece with external collimator
  • Output Power in KW: 2.8 KW
  • Generator: High Frequency, 70kHz inverter type
  • Digital Display and Technique Selection: Kv, mAs, time
  • kVp minimum to maximum with step selection: 40-120kV, 1 kV step
  • mAs minimum to maximum with 25 step selection: 0.4 to 100mAs
  • Time minimum to maximum: 0.011 to 8 seconds
  • mA Maximum: 40 mA based on kVp selected
  • Collimator: Cassette size indicator dials, lamp timer on during prep., off after exposure
  • Laser Pointer: Dual Integrated Laser Pointers
  • Line Power Supply Compensation: Dynamic two stage, automatic line voltage and current
  • Line Power Supply Requirements: 120 Volts
  • X-Ray Tube Manufacturer: Toshiba Model D-125
  • Focal Spot: 1.2mm
  • Heating Unit: 50,000HU
  • Cooling Speed: 350HU/sec.
  • Target Angle: 16°
  • X-Ray Beam Aluminum Filtration in mm: 1mm Al equivalent @ 90kV
  • Exposure Switch Two Stage Prep. Exposure: Hand Switch (Optional Foot Switch)
  • Exposure Cord length in feet: 12 ft.
  • Power Cord length in feet: 20 ft.
  • Tape Measure: Heavy Duty Carry Case Size: 12”H x 13”W x 17”L

Complete with Carrying Case, H.D. Tape Measure, Manual, and Technique Charts.

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  • Hybrid Battery Power : Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Max. Output : 1600 watt
  • 20mA / 90 kV, Generator
  • Battery Capacity: 300 exp. @ Full charge
  • Free maintenance of battery
  • APR program & Collimator programmer
  • Dual laser pointer & collimator
  • Battery power level Indicator
  • RF module for DR interface(Optional)
  • Power requirement : 110/220V, 50/60 Hz


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