VUE Freedom Program

The Vue
Freedom Program

A new pathway to
digital radiography for your practice

VUE Freedom Program Details

VUE Freedom


The VUE Freedom program is a revolutionary new way to get the equipment you need for a worry free practice. 
Everything is wrapped up into one easy payment. 
No need to worry about additional costs of ongoing warranty, support or cloud back up.  Its all included!
With brand new equipment every 5 years,  you can enjoy your practice knowing you always have the latest in imaging technology.

VUE Freedom comes with Accident Protection.  No questions asked!
Feel the freedom with unlimited support, cloud back-up and next day replacement equipment. 
Now you can practice worry-free knowing you are totally covered.  

No Need to Panic 



Excellence Defined  ■   Reliability Insured  ■   Obsolescence Defeated