Chison ECO3 VET Ultrasound – Refurbished


Refurbished ECO 3 VET Ultrasound with 1 NEW Probe

Chison ECO3 Vet Ultrasound Machine

The Chison ECO3 Vet black and white portable veterinary ultrasound machine is one of the few non-color systems to have Pulsed Wave Doppler. This makes it very unique in its category and price range. For vet applications, the Chison ECO3 Vet has a 5-9 MHz linear rectal transducer for reproduction and two microconvex transducers for small- and medium-size animals.

Advanced imaging technologies, including compound imaging, speckle reduction, and harmonics give the Chison ECO3 Vet an edge in the portable black-and-white ultrasounds at a very inexpensive price.

Available Probes:

  • Linear probe – 7.5MHz
  • Micro-Convex probe – 6.0MHz

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