DISPLAY SYSTEM: ECO6 VET Ultrasound with 2 Probes!

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Display System SPECIAL: ECO 6 VET with Micro convex and Linear Probes!


Ultra-Portable, Ultra-Affordable, Color doppler

CHISON ECO6 VET, offers lots of advanced capabilities in a small package, specially engineered for veterinary imaging for both small animals and large animals. It is a powerful veterinary ultrasound system for every species and every application, whether in the clinic or the field.

Take your practice to the next level by purchasing the latest and greatest in ultrasound imaging!

  • Special Presets for Veterinary Use.
  • CW mode for high velocity detection.
  • Triplex mode for efficient diagnose.
  • Built-in battery for outdoor scanning.
  • Compact and light weight design for convenient traveling. CPA and DPD mode for good color sensitivity.
  • 2D steer: for more details.
  • Supper needle for more clear needles display

Comes with Transducers:

  • Linear probe – 7.5MHz
  • Micro-Convex probe – 6.0MHz

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