Photon Rugged HD Wireless DR System


ALL NEW – All Rugged Rhino Tough Photon HD Wireless Digital Radiography System 

Uncompromising imaging designed to survive your world.

This portable cassette sized detector is a new generation, high performance technology.  The cutting-edge flexible panel technology features a high definition 100 μm pixel pitch with direct deposition CsI scintillator.  Paired with a rugged laptop makes this the most rugged HD system on the market – Rhino Tough, designed for the veterinarian on the go!

    • Best-in-class High Definition 100 μm pixel pitch with 16-bit ADC for the most detailed image on the market
    • Rugged flexible panel technology with direct deposition Csl with excellent DQE at all frequencies
    • Full AED control for exposure at any time
    • Large capacity battery design with 8+ hours battery life to keep you going all day
    • Lightweight design with IP64 dust proof and water-resistant standards
    • Supports a fast workflow for a better user experience
    • Available with your choice of 10 x 12, 14 x 17 or 17 x 17 rugged detector panel
    • Available with our choice of a rugged touchscreen laptop or all-in-one computer
    • Comes standard with Vizion software featuring Lumina image processing.

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