Poskom VET-20BT Battery Powered Portable Generator


The VET-20BT Hybrid battery Portable is the lightest, most compact hybrid battery powered generator and the most advanced portable X-ray unit in the radiology market today.

It is newly designed with innovative micro engineering and battery technology for an equine veterinarians, specially for female doctors. Weighting less than 15 lbs and a dual laser focusing on the center of X-ray film at 26” preset SID, VET-20BT is the lightest, smartest and most durable X-ray unit in the portable market.

The new software controller makes the most difficult equine radiographic imaging easier by only taking one exposure without retaking a X-ray film repeatedly.

Vet-20BT hybrid battery X-ray unit is integrated with Wireless sync. module ( optional for DR) which is facilitated by Radio-Frequency ( RF) communication device.

Preset PROM technique, Collimator lamp and laser pointer are turned on and selected by remote hand-switch prior to making an exposures. Variable mA and 40 to 80 KV provides plenty of power output for all equine radiographic needs.

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